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Best Moisturizer for a New Tattoo

Best Moisturizer for a New Tattoo

You just got your amazing new tattoo and you love it more than you thought possible (yay!). Now what? Before you start showing it off, make sure you have what you need to keep it healthy and hydrated. We bet you didn’t realize that tattoo aftercare is equally as important as deciding which tattoo you want in the first place! 

Luckily, Sweet Bee Magic has been a go-to aftercare product for tattoo lovers from the start. In fact, many of our customers have considered it to be even better than some of the traditional lotions out there. Brandy says, “I use it as more than a beauty care product, it’s a healing cream. I use it to keep my tattoos moisturized, from when I first get them. It keeps the scabbing and inflammation down and it keeps the overall color and brightness really nice.”

What makes Sweet Bee Magic the best alternative? 

Sweet Bee Magic is a pure, natural skincare brand that binds certified organic ingredients with raw honey and propolis to deeply moisturize and rejuvenate skin. Honey is a natural antibiotic, and possesses natural antiseptic properties that can keep your tattoo clean and free of infection. Also, the natural olive oil (which is closest to natural human sebum) in Sweet Bee Magic keeps your ink looking fresh, while the Propolis helps reduce inflammation, keeping redness at bay!

So, while it may be up to you and your talented tattoo artist to decide which art is best for you, we highly recommend trying Sweet Bee Magic as your new tattoo moisturizer. Plus, with over 20 uses in one balm, you can be sure to find some other ways to use our magic. 

Be Natural. Be Healthy. Be Beautiful.