one balm - over 20 uses

Sweet Bee Magic is a pure, natural skincare brand that binds certified organic ingredients with raw honey and propolis to deeply moisturize and rejuvenate skin.

Recommended by dermatologists, aestheticians, cosmetic surgeons and burn centers throughout the country, Sweet Bee Magic balm is gentle and safe enough to use on a variety of skin conditions, including dry hands, chapped lips, cracked skin and general skin discomfort.

A head-to-toe solution for the whole family, Sweet Bee Magic has more than 20 uses. Our satisfied customers have shared these amazing uses with us:

After sun skin soother

Balm for cuts & scrapes

Before/after shave balm

Burn care balm

Cracked heel & elbow moisturizer

Cuticle moisturizer

Deep-conditioning balm for hands & feet

Deep skin moisturizer

Diaper rash balm

Hair & scalp conditioner

Lip balm

Makeup primer

Massage balm

Nighttime moisturizer

Overnight lip treatment

Pre/post-partum skincare

Scar care support

Tattoo aftercare balm

Undereye moisturizer