Zinc Facial Bar™ | Zinc Facial Soap
Zinc Facial Bar™ | Zinc Facial Soap
Zinc Facial Bar™ | Zinc Facial Soap

Zinc Facial Bar™ | Zinc Facial Soap

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Sweet Bee Magic Zinc Facial Soap is carefully formulated to detoxify and gently exfoliate without drying or irritation. This artisan-crafted zinc soap washes away dirt and makeup while protecting, moisturizing and nourishing skin. Zinc face wash is soothing and healing on sensitive skin, acne-prone skin and for those with eczema, contact dermatitis, redness and rashes. Combining the benefits of zinc with other natural skin-soothing ingredients, the Zinc Facial Soap contains colloidal oatmeal and calendula to provide an effective and safe formula for all ages and skin types.

    Ultra Beauty Zinc Facial Soap How to Use:
    For head-to-toe skin suppleness: use every day in the shower to gently cleanse and hydrate sensitive skin.
    For sensitive skin: use morning and night; follow with Sweet Bee Magic or Ultra Beauty Balm

    Ultra Beauty Zinc Facial Soap Key Ingredients:
    • Zinc – helps repair damaged tissues and heal wounds
    • Organic Honey – farmed sustainably and processed gently to retain all of its natural healing enzymatic action, anti-aging, antibacterial and Vitamin B properties
    • Colloidal Oatmeal – a nutrient-packed agent that helps protect and soothe irritated skin
    • Calendula – contains antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 93 reviews

    I got this soap about a month ago maybe two months ago and it’s amazing. I have hormonal and cystic acne. This has helped fight back that acne (I currently have no acne spots) and make my skin so smooth. it’s insane 10 out of 10 would recommend.

    Susan Parry
    Lovely, Refreshing, Gentle Soap for Different Skin Issues

    I bought this soap both for myself and my daughter in law. I sometimes get eczema and she sometimes gets acne. This soap alleviates both of our concerns

    Devin Guara
    Love this!!

    I have been using this soap to control my acne for a while now and I absolutely love it. It leaves my face and skin feeling clean and fresh and preventing future breakouts.

    Zinc Facial Bar

    This was an amazing product to purchase. This product help with with some skin issues I was having with my face. I have tried many products and this was the one that did the job!!!

    This soap is amazing!

    I've had red, flaky, oily skin around my nose that has been constantly breaking out since I was a teen. Finally at 29 I found this soap after trying many, many things without success. I have been using it for 9 months now and after about a week the breakouts stopped, and since then I have noticed a steady decrease in the redness. If I notice a breakout starting, an extra wash with the soap stops it before it really develops. I am amazed by how well it works, especially because it really feels so gentle on my skin and leaves it feeling soft. Plus, the soap lasts for such a long time, so it's incredibly cost effective too. Totally recommend!

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