Ultra Beauty Balm™
Ultra Beauty Balm™
Ultra Beauty Balm™
Ultra Beauty Balm™

Ultra Beauty Balm™

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Sweet Bee Magic Ultra Beauty Balm is formulated specifically to help moisturize, tone and illuminate extremely thirsty and stressed facial skin. It contains more than twice the amount of our proprietary Melexylem blend to provide super-charged soothing and healing properties for the face and neck. The luxurious formula is very high in enzymes and safe for all skin types. 

    Ultra Beauty Balm™ How to Use:
    For help with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles: use mornings and evenings on the face and neck areas.
    For skin irritations: apply to sunburned, wind burned and over-exposed delicate skin areas including face, lips, neck or ears.

    Ultra Beauty Balm™ Key Ingredients
    • Melexylem™ – a proprietary compound that binds raw, sustainably sourced honey (containing anti-aging, antibacterial and Vitamin B properties) with propolis (a purifying, healing agent) through meticulous timing and temperature control, resulting in a high enzymatic action that provides heightened prebiotic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits while soothing and hydrating skin
    • Organic Extra Virgin Olea Europaea (Olive Oil) – nutrient-rich moisturizer loaded with super rich essential fatty acids to repair cells and prevent cell damage from free radicals
    • Organic Cera Alba Beeswax – creates building blocks to provide skin protection from environmental factors, keeping skin healthy and strong
    • Organic Avocado Oil - rich in essential fatty acids and Vitamin E; repairing and nourishing
    • Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil - rich in Vitamins A, D and E + carotenoids; repairing and nourishing
    • Bee Pollen – created to nourish bees in the hive, this revitalizing agent contains powerful antioxidants and essential vitamins, and when used topically, can stimulate cell renewal
    • Royal Jelly – touted as “food for future queen bees,” this nourishing substance contains essential vitamins to help repair and maintain healthy skin.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 259 reviews

    My very favorite, my skin loves! Thank you so much. I’m glowing ✨✨✨

    antonia rankin
    Not impressed

    From the way the website described this and its benefits I was disappointed.
    It reminded me of the consistency and similar ingredients from the V Magic ointment I recently purchased.
    Just another inferior product advertised on Instagram.
    Not impressed.


    My favorite face balm on the market. Using for years. Ultra beauty balm for face. Original formula for dry winter problem areas. Zinc bar and exfoliating scrub wonderful products also. Loyal long term client. Great stuff.

    Jiawei Lu
    Healed my periorial dermatitis

    I was over exfoliating and my retinol triggered pd around my mouth for months! I religiously used this balm for two weeks and my skin feels super healed!!!

    Sharon Lee Schwartz
    Ultra Beauty Balm

    I love it! After years of trying to heal a dry, peeling spot on my face, it is healing! Amazing!!

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